wood replacement

At Action Painting Experts, we don’t paint over rotted wood, we replace it!


Our carpenters are ready to repair or replace any damaged, rotted or missing components of your exterior. Whether it is a few boards here and there or replacing entire walls. We have experienced crews to handle your wood replacement needs. We are happy to do a thorough inspection of your property and present you with a proposal for the work that you need to bring your exterior back to a condition you will be proud of.


Did you know?

Most painting contractors do not know how to properly replace rotted wood. Their solution to rotted wood repair is filling in the void with caulk, wood filler, ducktape, and foam. These are some of the crazy things we come across on a daily basis, that fly by night contractors call craftsmanship.

There is a lot to consider when maintaining and repairing the exterior of your Michigan home. Action Painting Experts has the expertise and solutions for your rotted wood replacement and painting needs.

Wood Replacement Gallery

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