color consultant

Color Confidence
We at Action Painting Experts know that the hardest part of deciding to paint your home is not choosing the painting contractor; it is choosing the paint color! So we take the guess work out of it by providing you with a professional Certified Color Consultant! After you select Action Painting Experts to paint your home, we will send out one of our Color Consultants, imagine the fun and convenience of having your own personal exterior decorator come to your home to take care of your challenging project – with an eye for detail and elegance she will help you to decide what color best fits your tastes and style. Our professional color consultants will notice the dominant colors in your neighborhood: trees and nearby houses for instance. She’ll consider your landscape: trees, shrubs, and flowers. And she’ll be particularly interested in the color of your roof, which most people couldn’t tell you without peeking! We at Action Exterior know that the home is where the heart is and we want each client’s home to be the warm, comfortable, and an elegant expression of who they are. Our color Consultant will work with you to create a unique environment that reflects your tastes and personality, because when it comes to decorating your home, color and paint are the most cost-effective ways to make an impressive impact.

Color Confidence
Susie has always had creative soul and it is obvious in all that entire she endeavors. Her prior years are as colorful as the paint deck she carries. In addition to her own design firm, she also has extensive experience in the automotive sector as a color consultant. Many people ask, “What does a color consultant do?” It’s quite simple, but not easy. In short, a color consultant specializes in the complex effects of color and creates color solutions for her client’s goals.

Inherent to Susie’s cheerful personality is a strong desire for perfection. The complement she never gets tired of hearing is, “I love it, but I never would of thought of it if not for you!” Susie will sit down with you and assist you in selecting the right color and perfect share to reflect your homes unique personality. She will take into consideration your own tastes, (not hers) the homes architecture, and landscaping and offer you suggestions to enhance your homes curb appeal with color.

Vision by far is our dominant sense, and attractive color designs engage us. A color consultant combines color psychology, current trends and style, demographic statists and color design theories to come up with a successful informed selection to incorporate color into any project.

Did you know?

The secret to great curb appeal is picking the right paint colors. Most realtors say great curb appeal will add thousands of dollars to a home’s value.

What to Expect From Susie
Susie will contact you and set up a convenient appointment time for her to come out and see your home.

The Complementary Color Consultation with Susie will take about an hour. She will spend some of that time outside with you walking around your home and discussing its characteristics and listening to you on how she can incorporate your own individual tastes into her design suggestions. She will talk with you and offer you several color combination selections that will fit your tastes and enhance your homes beauty.( Most people are able to select their colors with her during this time frame, but if you desire more time with Susie, she is available for a second appointment at an additional cost)

Susie is a highly skilled Color Expert and will be happy to offer you some additional designer tips to fully maximize your new colors potential around your home with suggestions on landscaping, outdoor decorations and furniture.

Please keep in mind that part of the appointment takes place outdoors, in case of inclement weather the color consultation may need to be rescheduled.