aluminum siding painting

Having Action Painting Experts paint your aluminum siding saves you thousands over replacing it. 


You no longer have to live with faded, chalky, stained aluminum siding any longer. Action Painting Experts can refinish it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. If your aluminum siding is in good shape, meaning that there is no missing components or severe dents, we can paint it and make it look like new.


One simple way to test if your siding needs to be repainted is to wipe your fingers across the surface and if a chalky residue appears on your hands it is time to repaint your aluminum siding.


Another indication that you need to repaint your aluminum siding is when you see stained spots on your bricks, this is caused when the pigments in the paint are washed off the siding and run onto the brick surface.

Aluminum Siding Painting Before and After

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  • Before
  • After